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The GPX Investment Approach

We evaluate a broad range of investments and transactions utilizing a rigorous evaluation process based on the following core principles:

Quality Deal Flow:
We deliver value for our partners by identifying quality investment opportunities. We continually develop our network of professional relationships to source unique investments, which are often not available to the broader universe of buyers. We carefully scrutinize seller profiles and look beyond traditional sources. Ultimately, our ability to be creative and flexible allows us to create deals where others cannot.

The Cyclical Nature of Real Estate:
GPX understands that real estate is cyclical in nature and the best investment opportunities result from inefficiencies created by the highs and lows of the supply and demand cycles. Often the various industry sectors run counter cyclical to one another. We evaluate a diversified pool of investments to ensure that we are able to seize upon cyclical opportunities in any of the real estate industry sectors. We have successfully invested in the office, multi-family, industrial, and residential land development sectors.

Creating New Cash Flow:
In a world of sophisticated investment strategies and complex financial structures, it is important to remember the primary importance of cash flow. We seek investments that provide the opportunity to create new streams of cash flow through repositioning, lease-up, partial dispositions, change of use, refinancing, and other strategies.

Competitive Market Advantage:
Whether it is cost, quality, access, limited supply or another strategic factor, each property needs a competitive advantage in its marketplace to ensure the success of the investment. The GPX team draws on its broad industry experience to understand the demand characteristics of the underlying marketplace and develop strategies to establish the most valuable competitive market advantage for each investment. We are diligent in our commitment to a thorough understanding the characteristics of the markets in which we invest.

Exit Strategies:
An asset achieves its maximum liquidity by appealing to the broadest possible range of potential buyers. GPX develops specific exit strategies prior to making any investment. Investments with multiple exit options (sale, re-finance, merger, etc), and assets with potential appeal to institutional buyers are generally favored. Because GPX is not bound by the common requirements of traditional funds, we are able to time our exit events in order to maximize value.

Capital Raising:
GPX raises private capital separately for each investment that the firm sponsors. This allows the firm to better leverage its broad financial contacts in order to select the best sources and form of capital for each transaction. It also gives us significant flexibility. GPX seeks to invest its own capital, side-by-side with its partners, in each of its investments.